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I owe everything to God and my loyal supporters...

Duece has been on a journey to bring his music to the forefront of hip hop since 2011. Through music he's able to reflect on previous experiences, release built up energy,  as well as get his message out to the fans that really need his motivation. The city of Los Angeles raised him to be the artist/entertainer he is today. Duece has relatives that were in music groups in the late 60's, early 70's


All Duece's life he's witnessed gang banging, drug dealing, & prostitution growing up in South Central   Los Angeles . The raspy/aggressive tone in his voice speaks to those that aren't afraid to stand up for what they truly believe in, also those that come from the struggle, or can understand what it's like for a kid growing up in a system that's built for them to loose. Duece Hagerty brings to the table a new sound that the hip hop game has been missing for a while now. As his music progresses each year, we can only expect big things in the near future from this California Native. 



Blammin Hot Entertainment





Blammin Hot Entertainment


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